We carry new and refurbished circuitboards for Kaman Rad Monitors. All our rad monitor lines are legacy lines and our inventory changes daily. We can repair your Kaman Boards if we do not have a refurbished one on hand. Below is the entire line of Kaman Boards and the corresponding part numbers.




Mother Board & Cardcage N/A
CPU Boards
The CPU board provides the intelligence for the monitor. Kaman utilized an Intel standard circuit board and configured it to interface with a Kaman manufactured expansion board (System Board).  Although Kaman utilized a standard circuit board without major modification, the board must be jumpered appropriately in order to operate in the Kaman Micro.
System Board
The system board is a Multibus compatible auxiliary card designed for radiation monitor microcomputer use. It contains an additional 32K x 8 bytes of EPROM memory space using 2732 EPROMS, two RS-422 serial communications ports to allow communications to the DCS via bi-directional serial data loop, five 16-bit detector pulse counters, a socket for field unit polling address selection switch, a system clock, and decoders.
Power Supply Assembly
The micro power supply assembly consists of a LHR power supply, a Power Distribution Board, and a heat sink. The power supply is mounted in a cutout on the left vertical panel of the enclosure by means of a heat sink panel. There were two versions of this assembly. There is a –001 and a –002. Both are identical and resulted from LHR changing the power supply and then changing it back at Kaman’s request
Power Distribution Board 450446-001 This board provides a common distribution point for power and ground to the microcomputer. It contains +5, -5, +12, and -12 volt regulators, power-fail circuitry, and battery-charging circuitry used for RAM power-fail protection. The power-fail circuitry will provide signals for power fail interrupt, power fail status, and memory protect.
High Voltage Board
The high voltage board provides the required high voltage for radiation detectors.
Amplifier/Discriminator Board
There are three different Kaman part numbers associated with this board. The basic part number is 450449-00X. The –001, -002, and –003 indicated the number of detector channels the board can support. It is possible to use a higher number of channel board on a monitor requiring lesser channels.
450442-024 The Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Board allows the microcomputer to digitally quantify up to four channels of current or voltage inputs from other system units. This card is one of several that can be plugged into the common input/output bus (slots 6 through 13) of the microcomputer.
450443-00X The Digital-to-Analog (D/A) Board allows a microcomputer to digitally control up to four channels of current or voltage output to the monitor. This is one of several cards that can be plugged into the common input/output (I/O) bus slots 6 through 13.
Isolation Board 450444-001 The Isolation Board is an input/output bus card containing optical isolators to provide 1500VCD electrical separation between the microcomputer and its input and output signals. Through this board, external monitor status bits are read and made available to the CPU, and control bits are transferred from the CPU to external devices, such as relays or solenoids.
Relay Board 450472-0XX The relay board provides customer required relay contacts and the means of driving other external functions such as audio or visual annunciators. The relays are driven by the CPU through the Isolation Board. The Relay Board receives inputs from the High Voltage Board, Isolation Board, and microcomputer external connectors; and outputs data to the terminal blocks, High Voltage Board, Isolation Board, and microcomputer external connectors
Data Relay Board 450471-001 The data relay board enables serial communication between the microcomputer and a KERIC or DCS. Two 9600 bit per second asynchronous links are provided. This small board is mounted outside the cardcage in the upper right hand side of the micro’s enclosure. The KERIC and DCS communicates with the micro via a ribbon connector connecting to System Board connector J1
Ion Chamber Interface

Pic Display Board 450439-002
Pic Control Board 450451-001
Pic Power Contol Board 450469-001
Ric Display Board 450743-002
Ric Control Board 450744-002
Ric Relay Board 450714-00X
Ric Interface Board 450745-00X