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Power Supply Assembly

The micro power supply assembly consists of a LHR power supply, a Power Distribution Board, and a heat sink. The power supply is mounted in a cutout on the left vertical panel of the enclosure by means of a heat sink panel. There were two versions of this assembly. There is a –001 and a –002. Both are identical and resulted from LHR changing the power supply and then changing it back at Kaman’s request
Power Distribution Board

This board provides a common distribution point for power and ground to the microcomputer. It contains +5, -5, +12, and -12 volt regulators, power-fail circuitry, and battery-charging circuitry used for RAM power-fail protection. The power-fail circuitry will provide signals for power fail interrupt, power fail status, and memory protect.
Battery Pack

The 8-volt, lead-acid battery pack provides power to the RAM during a powerfail. The unit is capable of maintaining the integrity of the low-power RAM for a period of 24 hours. The battery pack is mounted in an enclosure on the side of the micro.