Indication and Control UnitsKAMAN RIC Assembly

There are 4 types of indication and control units used on the Kaman system monitors. They allow operators to gather information and control monitor functions at the micro. All types of control units have similarities; each has a different name depending on its use. If permanently mounted with the microcomputer it is called a local indication and control unit (KELIC); if packaged for portable use, it is called a portable indication and control unit (KEPIC). In addition, the display and control panel is used as a building block to create a remote indication and control unit (KERIC), normally mounted in the control room. The KERIC adds the following features to the display and control panel: serial communication channels to and from the microcomputer, long distance data transfer; relays for local status indicators; and analog outputs for local radiation level indication. Also, a Skid?Mounted Indication and Control unit (KESMIC), physically similar to the KERIC, is functionally similar to the KELIC

Item Part Number Description
KELIC N/A Local Indication and Control unit
Pic Display Board 450439-002
Pic Control Board 450451-001
Pic Power Contol Board 450469-001
KEPIC 450567-001 Portable Indication and Control unit
KERIC 450704-XXX Remote Indication and Control unit
Ric Display Board 450743-002
Ric Control Board 450744-002
Ric Relay Board 450714-00X
Ric Interface Board 450745-00X